Between the Lines: Mavenlink CEO Ray Grainger on Empowering Small Businesses

Mavenlink CEO Ray Grainger recently had the opportunity to sit down with host Barry Kibrick of the PBS series Between the Lines. Ray discussed the challenges he has seen in other small to medium-sized businesses that are trying to compete on a larger scale, as well as the challenges he has encountered as an entrepreneur himself — and how he was able to solve them.

Ray’s advice?

  • If you’re an entrepreneur or small business with limited capital, you can still take advantage of technologies and resources that allow you to work with anyone in the world.
  • Break large challenges or problems into smaller, addressable components, which will allow you to make positive changes and sustain momentum.
  • Anyone can replicate the product you provide these days just by searching on the Internet. To differentiate yourself and your business, give your customers what they want and provide exceptional service.

The short video below provides highlights from the full interview, which you can view on