Mavenlink + Pandexio: Sharing Knowledge, Enabling Focus

So much of what teams need to do to be successful is about sharing: shared schedules, shared expectations, and shared goals — all things that your team is able to do using Mavenlink features like the Task Tracker, Gantt Charts, and Activity Feeds.

Sharing knowledge, however, is something that is just as important to team success, but can be a bit more challenging to accomplish — yet it’s a challenge that Mavenlink has embraced since the beginning, and one we are taking to the next level through a new integration with Pandexio.

The Challenge of Knowledge Sharing

Often when it comes to sharing knowledge, teams share documents via email and point out specific bits of information to look for either in the email itself, perhaps over instant message, or verbally mention what to look for in a team meeting or even in the hallway!

When that document is finally viewed or downloaded (as long as it’s not lost in your email inbox first), the viewer of that document likely no longer knows what is important or actionable — they may have only glanced over the written memos or forgotten what was said to them by the time the document is opened.

This can lead to misinterpretation of information or worse, wasted time as the viewer manually reviews roughly 98% of non-critical information to get to the 2% of information they truly need to act on.

A Better Way of Content Collaboration

Since the beginning, Mavenlink has helped solved this challenge of knowledge sharing with our Activity Feed and File Sharing features. Users no longer need to rely on an email to find the document they need — if it’s shared in the project, it’s easily and quickly accessible. Mavenlink users can also reference the Activity Feed to gain the knowledge needed from other team members, to share their own knowledge, and to specify action required on shared files.

Mavenlink has recently integrated with Pandexio, a tool that helps extend our knowledge sharing features even further through document viewing and commenting. Use Pandexio with your shared documents to focus your team’s efforts on the specific pieces of content within those documents that need decisive action.

Our integration with Pandexio is yet another way we are continuing to evolve the practice of sharing knowledge. Once you’ve shared a file within Mavenlink, Pandexio allows you to “snip” specific pieces of content and add a comment to that document within your Mavenlink Project workspace, enabling a focus that’s sharper than ever.

More Reasons Why You’ll Enjoy It

  • Attach a document and snip the specific part you would like people to review
  • Works with many common file formats, including PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and common image formats
  • Add edits or comments in as “snips” when reviewing items
  • Filter only the snipped parts so you can easily skim the relevant information (especially useful when dealing with long documents, like a 20-page PDF or PPT)

Start using Pandexio within Mavenlink for your team, and observe a whole new level of collaboration that will lead to a shared understanding of key information — and a greater focus on the work at hand.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Are you interested in learning more about our integration with Pandexio, or need help getting started? Please contact our Support Team at or check out the Pandexio FAQs in the Mavenlink Academy Knowledge Base.