Resource Management

Mavenlink Resource Management Summer 2019 Release Brings Exciting Enhancements


As part of a continuing effort to support the services industry through effective resource management, Mavenlink’s Resource Management Summer 2019 release includes several critical enhancements designed to provide businesses with improved governance and control over the resource management process.

These features include resource management permissions, new resource attributes, resource posts, and a new resource request workflow.

Together, these enhancements are focused on creating greater transparency throughout organizations for a deeper understanding of resource workload and capacity on an individual level. These insights help managers make the most of their team members’ unique skills without overburdening them. The result is a well-utilized team that results in higher margins throughout the company.

In addition, the improved process consistency and governance provided by these new features help team leaders gain operational efficiency, better automate business processes, and streamline their tasks by creating better workflows for their teams.

The features provided in the Mavenlink Resource Management Summer 2019 release can be used by your business to create a new process or take existing resource management processes to the next level.

Learn more about the new and improved features now available in Mavenlink’s Resource Management Summer 2019 release in this informative video.

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