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NOW AVAILABLE: Mavenlink’s State of the Services Economy 2019 Report Webinar


Mavenlink recently published its 2019 State of the Services Economy Report, an annual in-depth analysis of the services industry based on a global survey, including the trends and obstacles shaping businesses around the world.

In order to give you a quick and helpful understanding of how our latest State of the Services Report can support you in your search for greater success in the industry, we have recently published a webinar that will walk you through an overview of the report and its various insights.

This webinar includes a look at:

  • The six key insights of the State of the Services Report
  • How companies take advantage of sustained industry-wide growth
  • New services enticing clients that would typically be served by others
  • The continued rise of client expectations regarding quality of work
  • Why a third of all projects are failing despite the increasing use of software solutions
  • How the demand for a wider array of services is growing the distributed workforce
  • Why new, unintegrated applications aren’t reaching their true potential

These insights and more data available in the report can help you better equip your company for the future and overcome the obstacles standing in your way of success.

Get Inside Information About the Services Industry

Learn all this and more about the Mavenlink 2019 State of the Services Report in our free webinar today.