Meet a Maven

Meet a Maven: Jeff


Our first featured Maven was one of the earliest Mavenlink employees, Melissa. Today we’re meeting another original team member: Jeff! He works in our San Francisco office helping to create many of the powerful features seen in Mavenlink (most recently, he helped build our updated utilization report). Read on to learn more about Jeff and what he does here at Mavenlink!

Your Name:


Your role and department at Mavenlink?

Currently I am an engineer in SF.

How would you describe what you do at Mavenlink?

Nowadays, I spend most of my time building new Mavenlink features and working alongside our awesome product and design team to figure out what new features ought to be.

However my responsibilities also periodically include:
  • Fixing bugs
  • Creating new bugs
  • Fixing those bugs
  • Ordering food
  • Working with QuickBooks
  • Working with Google
  • Upholding my position on the ping pong ladder
  • Helping with onboarding documentation
  • Trying to convince the team in SF that Sean Crafts actually exists
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the Nerf arsenal
Tools of your trade?

Internet, motorcycle, beer.

"The best part about working here? I will never, ever get bored or run out of things I need to learn."
Who or what brought you to Mavenlink?

Our fearless leader and CTO, Roger Neel.

Most memorable part of the interview process?

Discussing which brand and ply of toilet paper was superior.

Why was it easy to say “yes” to working here?
  1. As far as I could tell, it was essentially my dream job.
  2. I would get to sit alongside some terrifyingly smart people and learn from them.
  3. It would allow me to escape the insane organizational inertia of working at a very large bank.

I never in a million years thought I would want to code for a living. My prior mental concept of a MeetAMaven-Definitionprogramming job was essentially an endless sea of TPS reports and drudgery — which, to be fair, is pretty accurate in a lot of companies. This, though, was different. When I went in and saw the environment (pair programming, no cubicles, people actually interacting and getting things done), I could scarcely believe my eyes. I jumped at the chance.

How has Mavenlink changed since you started?

The engineering team used to be effectively Roger, me, and a small rotating cast of Pivotal Labs contractors. We didn't have a support team, or a sales team, or an anything team. We all answered customer requests directly, the product was much (MUCH) simpler, our main customers were one-person consultancies, and we didn't have our integration with QuickBooks yet.

It has been an amazing transition to watch over the past 4+ years. It can be a difficult yet rewarding thing to give up responsibilities. For example, when Melissa came onboard and all of a sudden we had a dedicated (and spectacular) support team, it was hard for me to give up talking to customers directly all the time — but on the other hand, I got to concentrate more on learning and writing code. And now several years later . . . we have a world-class support team that our customers love and which differentiates us above our competition, and because I got to focus more on learning code and writing software, I can now call myself a battle-hardened software engineer. 

The best part about working here?

I will never, ever get bored or run out of things I need to learn. Also, the collective sense of craftsmanship we have of the product and technology. The product and engineering team being structured together is one of the best things to ever have happened, and makes me question why they are separate entities in other organizations.

The best or most interesting job you had in your past?

Best? A city government temp job to give away free, brand new toilets to anybody who wanted one.

Most interesting? Car sales.

Which city reigns supreme: Irvine or San Francisco?

. . . Oakland?

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