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Meet a Maven: Melissa


Here at Mavenlink, we pride ourselves on being a people-centric business. Our employees — Mavens, as we call them — work hard every day listening to our customers’ needs, building relationships with them, and working with our teams in Irvine and San Francisco to make our product better for our customers through product updates, informative webinars, and more. Mavens are an integral part of what makes Mavenlink tick — and we’d like you to meet some of them! Today, meet one of the very first Mavenlink employees ever, Melissa.

Your Name:

What department do you work in?
I am currently the Senior Director of Training and Corporate Account Management.

How would you describe what you do at Mavenlink?MeetAMaven-Definition
I have the pleasure of working with customers at all aspects of their journey with Mavenlink. I partner with our customers so I can understand their businesses and help develop solutions to their current needs, and as a trainer, I expedite the learning curve within Mavenlink for them, so they can be efficient and successful at a quicker pace.

I have also had the pleasure of creating and cultivating a phenomenal team of individuals and providing them the opportunity to realize their potential. My original team have all gone on to lead and create teams of their own — which only makes Mavenlink a stronger organization.

Tools of your trade?

  • Passion for my customers and my job. I genuinely believe in Mavenlink and that it can really change the way that people conduct business.
  • I use Evernote for taking notes and collecting information while on trainings.
  • Salesforce helps me to review accounts and critical information while communicating important information to both sales and account management.
  • Mavenlink helps me to stay connected and develop relationships with customers, partners, and the internal Mavenlink team.
  • Also critical is the mindset and perspective I gained after reading A Complaint Is A Gift (written by Janelle Barlow and Claus Moller). The basic philosophy discusses the paradigm shift within customer service folks to see the value of complaints — as customers that complain are essentially communicating that they trust you to make things better, and to make the necessary changes.

Who or what brought you to Mavenlink?
I was introduced to Mavenlink through a phenomenal individual named Karen Morris, who at the time was an external recruiter. I was looking for an opportunity which would inspire me, excite me, and allow me to both grow and thrive in a challenging and fast-paced environment. Mavenlink has provided me the opportunity to take on challenges that I never thought possible.

Most memorable part of the interview process?
My memory of the interview was that it wasn’t just an interview. After speaking with Ray Grainger and Sean Crafts (two of the three co-founders), I was so excited and energized about the vision and possibilities of Mavenlink that I remember Sean and I starting to strategize, frantically writing down ideas as if I was already hired. I walked out of the interview thinking “I have found it!” I knew that Mavenlink would not be just a job to me, and that I would look forward to going to work every Monday morning.

How has Mavenlink changed since you started?
Oh so much! The product has grown in leaps and bounds, as has the number of employees. I am impressed every day by the amazing product enhancements that the engineering team develops and the success of our sales, support, and marketing departments. When I first started, the only folks in the office were the two founders … and myself. To see the growth of the company and the success of what we have built is mind boggling and humbling.

When I first started, the only folks in the office were the two founders … and myself. To see the growth of the company and the success of what we have built is mind boggling and humbling.

The best part about working here?
The people, most definitely! I can honestly say that we don’t have a bad egg in the bunch — how many people can say that about companies they work for?

A close second is the opportunity to make a difference. I know that the work I do every day has an impact and sends a domino effect into the entire organization. We are all linked together, and each of us is a critical component that is much needed. Not all my ideas will be the best, but what I do know is that I have the flexibility to make those decisions and try some things that are out of the box.

The best or most interesting job you had in your past?
In my former life, I worked as a cast member at Disneyland in the attractions department! However, my most challenging and rewarding past job was working as a special education elementary school teacher with deaf and hard of hearing children. I do miss interacting with my kids at school and having funny and often thought-provoking conversations, all conducted in sign language. If I am completely honest, you may see me signing songs to myself as I commute to work, just so I can stay connected to that culture. 

Which city reigns supreme: Irvine or San Francisco?
We both do. I mean, Irvine is part of the OC and close to the beach, and San Fran has pretty much every food choice imaginable within walking distance! I think both cities balance each other out and we complement each other really well — much like our founders.

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