New Features

Evaluate the success of your project with Gantt Chart Baselines

Mavenlink’s new Gantt Chart Baseline tool enables you to take a snapshot of an initial baseline as well as additional snapshots of your project's progress. This can help you to visualize the difference between your projections and the reality of your project’s progress.

What is a Gantt Chart Baseline?

Simply put, a baseline is the project’s original plan. Setting a baseline helps a project manager measure the effectiveness of their initial understanding of a project’s requirements, risk, and scope. When our Product Team explored ways to incorporate baseline functionality into our Gantt Charts, we thought the ability to set just an initial baseline wasn’t enough. We asked ourselves,

“What if our customers wanted to know how the project changed over time?”

The answer was clear: we needed project snapshots and annotation capabilities in our Gantt Chart. With Mavenlink’s Gantt Chart Baseline tool, you can save your first baseline, as well as save countless snapshots of your project’s progress. With each snapshot, you can also make annotations, enabling the service provider to keep a complete history of any project changes. The annotated record makes it easier to explain project changes to a client, such as an agreed-upon change to the budget or change in scope. Other than annotations and snapshots, our baseline tool captures additional data about a project. You can also see financial information, such as the project’s budget and burn rate.

How did we come up with Baseline snapshots?

Our Engineering and Product teams work closely together and the engineers use other code versioning tools as part of Mavenlink’s collaborative software development process. A key part of their job is to keep track of changes to the code as it is developed and we thought it would be useful for Project Managers to do the same with their projects. 

Who gets access to Gantt Baseline as a Service Provider?

In the project, Service Providers who have Financial, Admin, or Team Lead permissions get access.

Do clients get access to Gantt Baseline?

This feature is for the Service Providers only, due to sensitive information like burn rates and the baseline descriptions. To get access to the Gantt Baseline feature or if you have other questions, please contact support. Our team is available 24/7 via email at

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