New Features

New Mavenlink Resource Shaping Tool Makes Resource Planning Fast and Easy

Resource Planning just got easier with Mavenlink’s new Resource Shaping Tool. Found under Planning on the Task Detail’s section, this functionality makes it easy to define a resource’s workweek and apply hours automatically.

Manage Settings

There are four distribution options at your disposal:

  • Front Load: This option will fill the workweek greedily, allocating up to 8 available hours per day going forward until it has consumed the estimated hours allowance entered for the assignee.
  • Distribute Evenly: Distributing evenly will spread the remaining estimated hours evenly across the defined date range. If 10 hours are evenly distributed over 5 days, it will add 2 hours to those days above any manual hour allocations.
  • Back Load: Backloading will fill the workweek greedily from the date you selected until the due date of the task, allocating up to 8 hours per day until it has consumed the hours allowance entered for the assignee.
  • Consume Set Amount: This option sets the hours allocated per day in the date range. Entering 10 hours per day will set each day to 10 hours, regardless of prior manual allocation.

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