New Features

Set for Success: New Project Settings in Mavenlink

In an effort to make the settings area for your Mavenlink projects more intuitive and even easier to get to, we’ve made a few recent improvements. Most notably? We’ve moved the gear icon to access your settings to a position that is more noticeable: right next to your project’s name.


Our UI team spent some time thinking around the best way to restructure our settings page to maximize its use. When you visit your project settings page, you’ll see that we’ve categorized it so that the various settings are grouped in a way that makes sense.

  • General: change basic project information like name, description, and start and end dates
  • Privacy: determine whether the project is private or public, and who can see communication within the project
  • Financials: configure fields like budget and currency type, set time and expense approvals, and determine other financially related presets (note: financial settings are only seen by Premier and Professional plans)

What Else to Expect:

A new feature has also been added in this round of updates: the ability to set tasks as billable or non-billable by default. This is valuable for companies that may be interested in tracking time on non-billable tasks (e.g. internal projects), in order to better understand costs. You can select the default you would prefer for each project in the financials area of the project settings page. This project-level default can still be overridden at the task level using the task’s billable/non-billable setting.

We’ve simplified the project settings page by removing the separate tabs. General Settings exist on their own page, and other more specific settings for certain plan types, like Rates & Roles, Permissions, Custom Fields, etc., will live on their own separate settings pages.


If you want even more detail on these improvements, be sure to read our Knowledge Base article on project settings. We hope you enjoy the new look and functionality — be sure to let us know what you think by leaving a comment or tweeting at us!