New Project Templates Are Almost Here

Project Templates are one of our most popular features. Our customers love the huge boost in efficiency that cloning successful service offerings gives them. Since the first release of Templates, project functionality and customization has grown tremendously, and we’ve received many requests from our customers for templates to leverage the power that Mavenlink projects offer. We’re putting the finishing touches on this feature and are looking forward to sharing the new Project Templates with you in January 2015, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek!

Have you ever had to duplicate a project or set of tasks and found yourself entering in the same details over and over? Our new Project Templates will help automate more of those project details that led to past success, such as dependencies, task checklists, milestone weights, and more. Soon you will be able to create templates more easily with higher level project details such as project duration, budget, and resources.

How will this help me create successful projects?

Templates reduce project planning time to seconds. Think about templates as a way to take advantage of prior experience quickly and efficiently. They provide a way for organizations to define a common structure for the projects and work they deliver. This allows employees to reproduce successful project plans and jobs merely by selecting a template, instead of creating a new work breakdown structure and losing the learnings of similar past efforts. Using templates will also reduce the time it takes to produce an estimate or quote so you can spend more time with your client and focus on getting them excited about the service you’re providing.

The biggest gains you’ll experience from using Project Templates are consistency and efficiency. Projects can be complex with their many tasks, deliverables, and milestones. Setting up a project using a template helps the Project Manager automate the task creation process that they would otherwise have to do manually. Some companies also find extraordinary flexibility and value from modularizing their work activity into templates that can then be pieced together into custom projects.

Templates can also facilitate more accurate quoting, because you can clone your most profitable projects and standardize your plan based on an effort that you know had a successful outcome. Because you’ve created a template from a successful service offering, you can be confident that what you’ve quoted your client represents the complexity of the work your team will do. After the project is over, you can continue to iterate on your template and optimize it for future project success.

What is new in Project Templates?

  • Create dependencies in a Gantt Chart view
  • Add checklists to tasks, deliverables, or milestones
  • Set Milestone Weights so you know how much revenue each milestone represents
  • Set the Project Budget
  • Mark tasks as Billable/Non-Billable
  • Create assignee placeholders to assess your resource needs

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If you’d like to learn more about our new Project Templates, join our webinar list below. The Mavenlink Academy Training Team will be covering some of these features in more detail in our January webinar! To request advanced training for this feature, email us at