New Features

New Project Templates for a New Year

We’re happy to announce that the new Project Templates are now available to Mavenlink Premier, Professional, and Teams customers.

Our new Project Templates will help your team automate those project details that led to past success. Templates include new project details, such as a description, project duration, project budget, and currency. You can also see a Gantt Chart view of your template and set dependency relationships between your tasks. Newer features like Checklists and Milestone Weighting are also supported. In addition to Project Templates, our batch task creation tool benefited from these enhancements, too!

The feature we think you’ll enjoy the most is the ability to create resource placeholders for all of your template’s tasks. This will help streamline the work of assigning which resources will perform which tasks. Once you’ve applied the template to a project, you can simply map an account member to your placeholder resources, and they will be effortlessly invited into your project and assigned to the appropriate tasks. What a timesaver!

There’s so much to cover with all the new enhancements in Project Templates —  that’s why the Mavenlink Academy Training Team is offering a free webinar on how to use this updated feature. The webinar is happening January 22 at 10am Pacific. Sign up today to reserve your spot!

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