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Consulting Firm Increases Margins by 45% with Mavenlink


Firm Invests in Mavenlink to Replace Outdated Excel Methods 

Novo Group, Inc. is a unique talent acquisition and recruitment consulting firm helping organizations nationwide attain quality talent through customized solutions for a fraction of the cost. Novo Group leverages a wealth of tools and dedicated research teams to find, recruit and transform talent across multiple industries.

With Mavenlink, Novo Group has been able to:

  • Increase gross margins by 45%
  • Reduce time tracking administration by 90%
  • Reduce time spent on invoicing by 95%

Mavenlink also helped Novo Group solve the puzzle of resource allocation. With actionable and robust Insights, and automated tools for parsing complex information, Mavenlink uncovers exciting new paths to greater revenue and productivity every day.

“Mavenlink has opened my eyes. Overall reporting and Insights are driven by dynamic metrics that reveal clear and present paths to revenue and profits, with helpful visuals of where we are and where we are going. In the past, we had to base this on nothing more than unreliable best estimates. Now, I can’t imagine doing my job without Mavenlink.”

– Amanda Davenport, Operations Analyst, Novo Group, Inc.

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