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Optimize Project Timelines with Mavenlink Gantt Charts


According to a recent survey of 150 project management professionals conducted by leading industry research firm Gartner, a project’s schedule and timeline must stay realistic and yet be flexible enough to accommodate a change in a project’s scope in order for the project to have the best opportunity for success.

Moreover, Gartner’s findings indicate that such projects – especially those that are large in scope – can fail if there is a disconnect between the agreed-on scope and budget versus what the business will require by the time the project is delivered.

At Mavenlink, it is survey analysis and business indicators like these that contribute to our product development. We created our Gantt Charts to provide our customers with a visual timeline that enables a quick assessment of a project’s status and progress, enabling a dashboard-like view into every project task, milestone and deliverable.

Just as important, from the Gantt View, you can define a task’s relationship to another task and assign dependencies in real time, and thus quickly understand the optimal workflow for your project. When your project timeline or scope changes – for example, when the start or end date of a task changes – our “Cascade Changes” feature enables all dependent (successor) tasks to immediately reflect those changes.

We’re confident our Gantt Charts will improve your productivity and enable you to manage projects faster and more efficiently than ever before. Watch how fast and easy it is.