New Features

Organize Client Notes and Info with Client Contact Management

Your Mavenlink projects are home to so much information: your team, their hours, project tasks, shared files, etc. All that information means that good organization is a must for running your projects in Mavenlink, which is why we built Project Groups.

A Project Group is a powerful organizational tool if you have two or more projects that both belong to one group, such as a client. If you use Project Groups to organize your projects in this way, you’ll like the newest functionality that we’ve recently added: client contact management.

Client contact management makes it possible to keep track of the contact details for each of your clients within Mavenlink. It also allows you to store notes for each client, so you can keep track of things like who you have interacted with on their team or preferred meeting times.


Client contact management is available to anyone with a Teams, Professional, or Premier account, and setting it up is pretty straightforward:

  • First, head to the Projects section of Mavenlink.
  • Select Create a Group and under the Details tab, check “Is this a company?” to designate your new group as a company and gain access to client contact fields.
  • Add your client’s contact information, notes, and any associated Mavenlink projects to your new group. Alternatively, you can add this information to a previously created group simply by editing the group.