New Features

Plan Resources Across Projects with Mavenlink's New Master Planning Feature

To develop Master Planning, we worked closely with customers in the IT, Development, and Marketing industries. As a result, Master Planning plays nicely with the task-level resource allocation tool you may already use. Bottom-up planning, found at the task level, bubbles up the Project Manager’s allocations to this new global view. From Master Planning, admins have visibility into how their plan translated into the resource’s actual schedule.

Here’s how you can get started using Master Planning:

Master Planning automatically pulls in all your account members and their existing task allocations:

Manage Settings

You can staff existing projects by adding them to the project list found under each team member.

Manage Settings

Using the tab key, you can enter in hours by week quickly and create your baseline resourcing strategy. Highlight personnel that are over or under utilized quickly using the “Highlight” feature.

Manage Settings

As the Project Manager starts to spool up the project by adding milestones, deliverables, and tasks, they can also allocate resources and hours to these items. Their task-level resourcing will roll-up to your view in Master Planning.

Manage Settings

Best Practices:

  • The most effective setup is to have your projects defaulted to "Open to Admin Only" in your settings here. The reason this is required is you'll be putting people in projects that you might not necessarily be in yourself, so they can't be fully private (e.g. "Invitation Only").
  • Set up roles in the system and classify people under their default roles. Roles can be found at the bottom of this page. By doing this, you can drill down and see just the people under that Role to clear away the noise.
  • Project Managers can claim resources using the Project Resource Allocation Tool. Keep in mind that if a Project Manager claims the need for someone on a particular project, these hours will show up under the “Plan” heading. Those projects will show up in the list even if the project hasn’t been planned at the master level, so you know that a resource is needed.

This is only the beginning of resource planning at Mavenlink. We have big plans for expanding this feature, including adding a project-centric view (vs. this people-centric view) and carrying the Master Planning estimates down to the project level.

To get access to Master Planning or other Mavenlink Premier features, contact us at If you have feedback or need support, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our team at