Mavenlink Enlists Team of Industry Experts to Create the First Business Intelligence Solution Designed Specifically for Professional Services Firms and Consultancies

26 Expert-Built Reports and a Powerful Custom Reporting Engine Help Increase Margins, Improve Utilization and Better Forecast Revenue and Resources

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 29, 2015 – Mavenlink, a leading global provider of project and resource management software and a Gartner 2015 Cool Vendor*, today announced Mavenlink Insights, an enterprise-grade business intelligence (BI) product designed for professional services firms. Insights gives executives, finance teams, and project managers unparalleled visibility into trends and issues impacting their businesses so they can make swift, informed decisions and improve business performance.

Firms that deliver services and project-based work have been historically underserved by the technology industry. Until now, they have never had a single-platform to plan and deliver work, track project financials, and view business performance trends around margins and utilization. Mavenlink created Insights to enable professional services firms, consultancies, and embedded services organizations to elevate performance and make confident decisions that have an immediate and positive impact on the firm.

Designed and engineered by a team with a combined 100 years of experience in leading business and IT consultancies, Insights features 26 thoughtfully-designed interactive reports with easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and tables. There are five key business areas Mavenlink Insights analyzes:

  • Fees: Compare budget actuals with your schedule. Evaluate trends in fees earned over time and forecast revenue in future periods.
  • Margin & Cost: Know the current and future profitability of every project. Identify which costs are impacting margins.
  • Resource Utilization & Planning: See team utilization rates, and how much of their time is billable. Assess who is available, and when.  
  • Time Tracking: Understand where resources are spending their time. Verify that it aligns with client needs.
  • Project Details: Drill down into specific projects and portfolios to assess key health metrics, including hours burned and percent complete.

Mavenlink Insights also includes a powerful custom reporting engine. Report creators can use more than 300 metrics spanning all aspects of project delivery. Since Mavenlink centralizes data across the entire project delivery lifecycle, businesses can drill down to identify root causes for answers to even the most complex and unique issues.

Mavenlink Insights is more than reporting and goes beyond generic Business Intelligence,” said Mavenlink CEO and co-founder, Ray Grainger. “It is an in-depth analysis of the data behind your services business: what is happening, why is it happening, and what can be done to improve it. This redefines how our customers use analytics in their business. Instead of asking ‘how can we do better next time,’ Insights changes the conversation to, ‘let’s adjust this right now to get the outcome we want.”

Early Access Customers Report Immediate ROI
Mavenlink invited more than 100 early access customers to implement Insights, including Blue State Digital and Velir. Customers reported immediate returns to their business:

  • Increased control over margins - Insights answers tough questions impacting financial performance by revealing profitable and unprofitable practices across the business.
  • Improved resource utilization - With newfound visibility into resourcing needs, businesses can plan for current and future demand confidently.
  • Better forecasting of revenue and costs - Quickly view trends affecting business performance to make critical decisions about what to change to positively impact current and future project outcomes.
  • Eliminated time-consuming and costly reporting tasks - With Insights, all the data is centralized, so there is no need to export data to spreadsheets, conduct time consuming data transformations, or implement a costly BI integration. For one customer, Insights now produces what previously required the time of three business analysts.

“For the majority of services businesses, project data is scattered across half a dozen applications and countless spreadsheets, so it is impossible, or at least very costly, to resolve complex business issues,” continued Grainger. “Insights gives these businesses a true understanding of what is impacting their performance, often for the first time, so they can take decisive action.”

In Partnership with GoodData
Mavenlink partnered with GoodData, the leading provider of business intelligence for data monetization to enterprises and ISV, to underpin Insights.

“We are very impressed with the thought-leadership and profound domain expertise the Mavenlink team brings to its customers,” said GoodData Founder and CEO, Roman Stanek. “This is the first time we know of that professional services businesses have been able to take full advantage of a modern BI platform without doing their own implementation. Our analytics delivery platform was built to support powerful offerings like Mavenlink Insights, and we are excited to unlock the power of data and help project-based businesses become truly data-driven.”

Mavenlink Insights is available to customers of Mavenlink’s Premier Plan, the company’s flagship SaaS offering. Visit for more information, or call (800) 860-9544.


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