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Mavenlink Reinvents SaaS Industry Services Model with MavenOps

New offering helps service providers uplevel business performance and avoid the“trough of disillusionment” while adopting new software

IRVINE, Calif., May 3, 2016 – Mavenlink, a leading project management and resource planning solution for client service providers and a Gartner 2015 Cool Vendor*, today announced the launch of Mavenlink Optimization Services (MavenOps). MavenOps is an innovative service designed to help companies optimize how they run their businesses, as well as adapt to increasingly difficult market conditions.

With MavenOps, Mavenlink is reinventing the traditional SaaS model. The majority of SaaS deployments involve steep upfront costs for a one-time implementation and no ongoing guidance after rollout. This often leads to a gap in the customer success lifecycle, similar to what Gartner describes as the “trough of disillusionment” in its Hype Cycle, wherein customers are left to overcome barriers to gaining adoption and value on their own.

“Our goal is to help service providers thrive,” Mavenlink CEO and co-founder Ray Grainger said. “With MavenOps, we become part of the fabric of our clients’ businesses, sharing in their goals and helping them reach new heights.”

MavenOps establishes an ongoing relationship with clients that reduces the risk of adoption failure, improves the time-to-value, and drives better business performance over time. To deliver these services, Mavenlink has assembled an impressive and forward-thinking team of experts with decades of experience at leading business and IT consultancies.

“The truth is that competing in today’s business environment is harder than ever for service providers, and there is a need for transformation that goes well beyond what software alone can do,” Grainger said. “The problems Mavenlink solves are incredibly complex. There really is no end in the relationship if we want to help our clients continue to improve performance and take new business challenges head on. We recognized this and developed an innovative new approach to services that will help providers thrive.”


Clients Exceed Goals in Early Access Period

Mavenlink launched a trial of the service to approximately 50 clients in an Early Access period earlier this year. With best-practice guidance, coaching, and education from the MavenOps team, clients reported several key benefits:

  • Adoption of best practices in business processes and data analysis that enables financial success
  • Uncovering and capturing of critical business insights
  • Acceleration of user adoption and value of Mavenlink

One of Mavenlink’s Early Access clients was TargIT, which specializes in the design and delivery of IT integration solutions for the airport industry. The MavenOps team worked with TargIT to create several Mavenlink dashboards and reports that offer unprecedented visibility into TargIT’s business, including a pipeline report that projects the probability of winning deals and a resource-planning report that allows the TargIT business team to determine future resourcing needs.

“The MavenOps team has helped us to gain greater control of our business,” TargIT PMO Manager, Mike Hurst said. “We have experienced significant growth as a result. The MavenOps team understands the unique opportunities and challenges growth creates when delivering services, and they provide us the expertise and guidance we needed to optimize our business.”

“There is an incredible demand for this new offering, and we can already see the impact it’s having on our clients’ businesses,” Scalia said. “It is clear that when clients come to Mavenlink they are looking for more than a set of tools—they are looking for a new approach, a better way to run and optimize their services business.”

Launching at Technology Services World
Mavenlink is launching MavenOps while at Technology Services World (TSW) San Diego 2016. IT services leaders from across the globe attend TSW, held by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), the leading association for technology services organizations.

“The TSIA is leading the way with new thinking about the role of services within the technology industry,” Scalia said. “They have established that service providers must evolve from simply delivering products or implementing software to delivering business outcomes—and that is exactly what MavenOps does. TSW is the perfect setting to introduce MavenOps, because the conference puts this idea of ‘outcome engineering’ front and center.”

MavenOps is available to Mavenlink clients through a monthly subscription. Visit Mavenlink for more information, or call (800) 860-9544.

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