Professional Services Talent Management: My Advice on Hiring Right


When it comes to professional services, talent management is key. Getting the right talent requires a variety of skills, ranging from technology and workflow support to people skills and reliability.

When I look for great recruits at Mavenlink, I look for people who want to be a part of a business they can help build. We move fast, and the right candidate joins the professional services team because he or she recognizes a career-making opportunity.

"Great leaders have a broad experience at a variety of organizations." — VP of Talent Karen Morris

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We hire pioneers to lead our teams

Great leaders have a broad experience at a variety of organizations. When I’m hiring for these roles, the initial background check and resume tells me quite a lot.  The right candidates usually have worked at large organizations and successfully spun off divisions that didn’t exist before. These people are constantly looking to build something, which makes them a great fit for leading a growing team of professional services providers.

This is especially true if you’re hiring at a SaaS company.  At Mavenlink, our professional services team doesn’t have to deal with some of the setbacks of a company founded in more traditional technology.  We live on the edge of up-and-coming technology, the next great workflow, and results.

The people with pioneering mindsets for building in that fast and constantly moving environment are our most successful leaders.

I hire for teams that have horsepower

Looking at candidates to flesh out our teams is a good and challenging balancing act. We have a big need for extremely qualified talent.  Our candidates often have project management experience, and they’ve associated with a huge variety of sectors. We thrive on  building this diversity into our teams, because we generate a huge depth of knowledge collectively, which lets us interact with a vast number of clients and solve their needs.

"The right professional services candidates don’t necessarily need specific experience." — VP of Talent Karen Morris

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The right candidates for our professional services teams don’t necessarily need professional services experience. That sounds contradictory, but our leaders can teach them this. We’ve hired the pioneers who are able to build and lead in moving environments. These are people who have made absolute careers of professional services. They can teach the people with the right skills.  That’s why you’ll find a lot of knowledge sharing within our teams. We hold lunch and learns and commit to spreading information about new developments within the company. We build a bond of horsepower, so our teams can move quickly to build a great customer experience.

We keep the people we hire

Period.  I don’t take a single hire for granted at Mavenlink. Each is my favorite. Our talent is on point — finding the right fit for the right role. Once they’re in the role, our teams make sure they have what they need to be successful. A lot of the times, our teams are so busy making things happen, they weave themselves into the business of Mavenlink. They influence our product, workflows, and culture. They become part of the fabric. And they stay,  because they can feel the difference they make.

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