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Project Management Best Practices: Sites You Should Know and Love

project management sitesIf you’re a project manager, you’ve no doubt landed on websites like and These sites have generated large audiences by offering thoughtful articles and sharing best practices for project managers for years.

But there are other sites project managers should know and love. Some of them are directly related to project and portfolio management, while others tackle productivity and positivity to fuel your day of managing business.

We recommend adding these websites to your regular scan of current events and latest tips and trends in project management.

Projects At Work

Projects At Work makes you register to read articles in full, and it’s worth it. The website’s articles take you through new perspectives on timeless challenges, and they help you develop new skills with a “Tools & Training” section. You’ll want to check the blog section for trends, including relevant companies changing project management and how to keep your practices sustainable for long-term business. Best of all, hovering over the topic categories lets you find relevant tools, including peoplefinders, tool finders, webinars, white papers, and new books.


Lifehack is your resource when you need inspiration. Articles are geared toward helping you enter a mindset to improve your productivity. Most topics are business related, though they lack the in-the-trenches perspective of most of the other sites in this list.

Project Management Hut

Project Management Hut is a powerhouse of tips and best practices, including templates and a large range of useful articles. The hut covers every category you could want, from cost management and history articles to blogrolls, agile development, and critical chains. If you don’t see an answer to your question, you can “Ask the Hut.”

The Papercut Project Manager

The Papercut Project Manager gears itself toward a student audience, so a lot of the content is sharply written, amusing, and trendy with language. All of these bonuses make it a super resource for students of all ages wanting to improve their business skills. The blog buckets topics into two main categories, “Soft Skills” and “Tools and Analytics,” so you can already see how great the content is at telling a true picture of the PM landscape.

PM World Library

PM World Library is just that: It’s a global resource where project and business managers go to share and create knowledge. Resources include specific categories dedicated to students, corporations, educators, and members. Anyone can read content, but you can also join a membership to get special discounts specific to your work. PM World Library has a front page of regularly updated breaking news and recent articles, making it a great resource for getting current events along with PM information.


Want more?

First, we recommend you bookmark this glossary . It contains every project-management and project-accounting term you’re likely to encounter as you do business and meet with executive stakeholders.

Second, we did the scan of websites offering training, some free and some paid, to help you reach your certification goals. The ones with the most impressive (in our opinion) variety of offerings and success stories are these four.

  1. PM Campus — CAPM, PMP, PDU (PMP Recertification)
  1. Best PMP — PMP only
  1. SimpliLearn — PMP, PRINCE2, CBAP, CAPM, Software Estimation, and many more
  1. PM Study — PMP, CAPM


Still want more?

Try signing up for this LinkedIn group. You’ll join a forum of regularly contributing business managers whose posts show up directly in your LinkedIn feed when you log in.


Finally, we leave you with this pro tip

If you’re looking to recruit more project managers, try this LinkedIn tool. It lets you find professionals in your area who know project management skills.


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