QuickBooks Integration

This video shows off the integration of Mavenlink with Intuit's QuickBooks. Mavenlink's online project management and collaboration suite allows you to post messages, share files with project teams, and manage all tasks, which is now completely integrated with QuickBooks. Syncing Mavenlink and QuickBooks is a simple one-click process in your Account settings.

When you have integrated, you can jump right back into any Mavenlink project, or start a new project from scratch or a QuickBooks estimate. Click "View your estimates" to select the appropriate estimate, and you can change any of the necessary fields before finalizing the project. Once in the project, you can go to the QuickBooks settings to edit any necessary information and see how Mavenlink has pre-mapped the products & services with Mavenlink tasks, and customers or clients based on the estimate. From here, you can track time and expense, approve the time, then see everything synced in QuickBooks.

Seamlessly sync your online project management and accounting software to centralize all project activity. Have you integrated Mavenlink with QuickBooks? If so, what do you think? We love feedback and great use cases.