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Stay Stress Free During the Holiday Rush with Calendars


It’s here. The holiday rush. The Christmas lights sparkle on your drive home. The tree is up in your living room. Your kids are opening advent calendars. And your work schedule hasn’t cleared. If anything, it’s got more on it: In addition to your regular work, and the retail rush if you work that industry, you’ve now got holiday parties and happy hours.

How do you get it all done without getting stressed? Use your calendar.

Time Management Checklist for Working During the Holidays

Calendars are a great holiday tool. Follow this checklist to get your calendar ready to help you stay stress free during the holidays.

Do This to Your Calendar

  • Block off work times to ensure you get your work done
  • Decline meeting invitations that conflict with your blocked time
  • If it’s in your calendar, give it your full attention (including holiday parties)
  • Have an exit strategy for meetings that run over

Follow your schedule explicitly, and your work will get done. When you come back from holiday, you shouldn’t feel more overwhelmed than after a traditional vacation.

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