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Success Story: Creoworks Designs with Detail in Mavenlink


Creoworks is a design and fabrications studio that creates custom pieces for companies such as Google, GoDaddy, and Microsoft. Here, architects, designers, artists, builders, and more work one-on-one with clients to create unique furniture pieces and spatial solutions that aren’t just functional — they’re inspirational.

“Our team is dedicated to taking a client’s needs and wants and putting it all into a finished product,” says Amelia Carpenter, an Interior Designer and Project Coordinator at Creoworks.

“We love to collaborate with our clients — sometimes a client comes to us not knowing exactly what they want, or they might have a general idea but they need help fleshing it out.”

Helping them deliver these unique pieces to their customers? Mavenlink.

Managing Design + Delivery

Artistic endeavors like furniture making and interior design need to be grounded in reality in order to be profitable, and managing that process is no easy feat — especially with roughly 50 projects happening at one time. Creoworks needed a tool that would organize projects in a meaningful way and help execute them efficiently.

After working with clients to decide what the vision of the project will be, Creoworks uses Mavenlink to assess who on their team has the bandwidth to work on the assignment, what the budget will be, and the timeline of the project plan. They know that impressing a client is more than just delivering a beautiful piece of furniture; it’s delivering that piece on time, in budget, and making sure none of the needs and wants of the client get lost in the process.


A Perfect Fit

Mavenlink provides Creoworks with a solution to see where their time and expenses are going, what items they are accomplishing on the project as it moves forward, and what exactly they are invoicing the client for.

“We add all our projects to Mavenlink — every employee uses the timesheet tool to track time for every project, which is helpful for billing clients. Mavenlink is also helpful for the Creoworks owners to see what each person has done on the project.”

Favorite Features

Project management
Time and expense tracking
Resource planning

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