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Video: Elevated Third Scales for Growth


The Problem: Afraid to Grow

Growth is an exciting but challenging situation for marketing agencies. You’re in demand! You’ve built a strong portfolio of clients, word is spreading, and your workload is increasing.

The challenge? Scaling at the right pace. How do you know you will have enough business to sustain team growth in the coming months? How do you know that you have the right amount of people to deliver on client demand? Do you have the right tools in place to uphold the integrity and quality of the work?
These are the questions that the team at Elevated Third found themselves asking when they realized that they needed a different approach to successfully grow their business to a new level.

Elevated Third

Elevated Third is a B2B digital marketing agency located in Denver, CO. The team of designers and developers work with high-profile clients like Kaiser Permanente, Sprint, and Comcast, handling everything from design and strategy to UX, development, and analytics.

"We have always been very conservative in our growth, and without knowing more information like what our margins were, we were hesitant to aggressively grow,” said Judd Mercer, Creative Director and Co-Owner at Elevated Third. “We needed something that could let us be proactive.”

Mavenlink - The Right Fit

Elevated Third knew what they looking for — time tracking, task tracking, invoicing, communication, and resource planning, all in one platform. Their search led them to Mavenlink because they knew it could uniquely deliver on this collection of features. 

The results? Elevated Third has increased revenue 30% every year, and with Mavenlink, they have been able to manage that growth more efficiently.

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