New Features

Tailor Mavenlink for Your Business with More Powerful Custom Fields

One size does not fit all. While we try and think of everything our customers may need and build it into our software, we understand that there are certain unique aspects every business must account for.

With that in mind, we built custom fields so you can tailor Mavenlink to better suit your company’s unique needs. This feature was originally released in 2014, but we’ve given it a powerful update that allows you to do even more. You can now create and track custom fields across any Mavenlink project, task, team member, project group, or client. You can also configure the type of information accepted in a custom field, including text, dates, numbers, and currency.

Here are few examples of how your business can leverage custom fields in Mavenlink:

  • Track your business’s unique processes. For example, create an approval status on a task or project, or add a field denoting priority level on certain tasks or projects.
  • Store imported data when transitioning to Mavenlink from another system.
  • Synchronize Mavenlink with external systems (such as a customer relationship management tool or human resources information system). Use custom fields and our open API to enable both systems to talk to each other. This helps both Mavenlink and your other systems to stay up-to-date, automatically.

Custom fields are available to Premier customers. More detailed information on how to get started using this feature is available to you in our Knowledge Base.

Are you using custom fields to extend your Mavenlink experience? We hope you’ll share with us in the comments how your business is using this feature — we love to hear how our customers are making Mavenlink work for them!


This article was updated to reflect that custom fields is only available to Premier customers.