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Here's How to Avoid The 10 Biggest Mistakes Agencies Make While Growing (and What They Are)


Growing Pains

Congratulations! You're experiencing agency growth!

You’re probably building successful campaign strategies, retaining talent, winning new business, and positioning your agency in a way that works.  There’s a huge opportunity for your growth.  It’s blue skies and smooth sailing ahead!

Except for one thing.  

Growing comes with growing pains. It’s the best, worst problem to have.

When HubSpot asked us to put together this webinar as part of its Digital Agency Day, we

jumped at the opportunity to contribute to such a wonderful idea. DAD was the first time agencies from all over could come together to information swap and share industry knowledge and best practices.  

At Mavenlink, we knew we could contribute two ways: agency and consulting experience.

Here's What The Changing Economy Means for You 

Let’s face it. This world is changing constantly.

You serve clients who constantly seek faster delivery, more resourcefulness, and more agility.

Simultaneously, there’s good news!  There’s a constantly rising demand for your services. This means you have tremendous opportunity to drive results.

So your growth winds up being challenging. Exciting … and yet scary.  

Now you have to manage it.

Here’s some more good news!  You’ve already done the hard part.

You’ve built relationships and the knowledge of how to do great work that is giving you this opportunity to grow more. That’s really the hardest part. From here, we can make it easy for you to guide your business so it runs efficiently and effectively, to grow even more.  



So What are the Growing Pains?

From the work we have done with thousands of agencies, we have created a list of the Top 10 Mistakes Agencies Make.   

The People Mistakes
  • Mistake 1: Not Forecasting Staffing Needs Correctly
  • Mistake 2: Hiring Full-Time Employees for Short-Term Projects
  • Mistake 3: Hiring the Wrong People
The Profit Mistakes
  • Mistake 4: Introducing New Services
  • Mistake 5: Taking On Non-Profitable Work
  • Mistake 6: Bulk Resource Scheduling
  • Mistake 7: Accepting Projects You Can’t Deliver
The Process Mistakes
  • Mistake 8: Writing Bad SOWs
  • Mistake 9: Bulk Scheduling
  • Mistake 10: Not Tracking the Costs of Your New Business

In the next blog post, we’ll dive into the several of these mistakes, which we call the “people mistakes” and share tips on how to avoid them.

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