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The Future of Work Series: The Best Freelancing Sites for the Gig Economy


The makeup of the global workforce has—and continues to—respond to the increased demand in short-term, specialized workers. In fact, the Intuit 2020 Report recently predicted that 40 percent of American workers that will be contractors, service providers, and freelancers by 2020.

According to the bureau of labor statistics, this new demand for independent, specialized, work can be labeled as a rise in “The Gig Economy.” The Gig Economy is characterized by an increase in hiring workers for short-term projects through the digital marketplace.

Independent work is rapidly evolving as digital platforms create complex, efficient marketplaces that facilitate direct and real-time communication between the customers who need a service delivered and the workers willing to provide such service. If your businesses has yet to leverage innovative technology to hire freelance workers or resources, it is officially time to join the growing Gig Economy.

Below you can find ten of the best freelancing sites to find vetted and skilled workers for specialized or unique projects. You can find part, or full-time workers, short or long-term commitments, and an exceptional range in skill, experience, and talent to find the perfect fit for your company. For businesses ready to hire the best talent, browse this list of the best freelancing sites and discover the growing group of independent workers ready and passionate to be hired by you.

1) Flexjobs

Flexjobs prides itself on providing legitimate, screened, and trusted employees for businesses looking for freelance work. They offer services including skills assessments, job search tips, and members-only discounts. Most prominently, Flexjobs provides job listings for over 50 industries for both full and part-time positions.

2) Guru

Guru is a great resource if you are hiring freelancers on a small-scale. It allows you to hire, search, and rank freelancers in minutes as well as provide an integrated payment and escrow system. Guru allows for a quick hiring process, although the vetting doesn’t appear seamless. I would consider this platform great for businesses looking to hire workers with moderate skills and experience levels.

3) StackExchange

So, StackExchange is not necessarily a freelancing site, but it has proved to be an incredible platform to find talented and qualified professionals for projects both short and long-term. Specifically geared towards software and technology, this is a Q&A forum for engineers and designers to discuss projects, questions, or ideas. You can reach out freelancers them via. the contact me form to ask if they would be available or fitting for your needs.

4) College Recruiter

Never forget the power of a driven college student. Have a project that a college student may be better, or more familiar with than the people at your company? Considering most students are immersed in their major, there’s a good chance you can find a specialist on campus. The modern version of a career fair, use College Recruiter to post jobs and receive bids from a pool over 20 million college students and recent graduates. The cost of labor will be significantly reduced, and there is a chance you come across talent that eventually becomes full-time.

5) Creative Circle

If you are looking for a creative individual for a project, Creative Circle is where you should start. Creative Circle is a specialized staffing agency that connects innovative advertising, marketing, creative, digital, and interactive professionals with companies seeking talent on a full-time or freelance basis. Offering contractual, full or part-time work, Creative Circle is a great resource for businesses seeking independent creatives. 

6) Upwork

From software developers, to legal help, and financial advisors, Upwork seems to cover every role you could imagine needing at your business. Much like Guru, Upwork includes a built-in escrow system that allows for a more safe and secure form of invoicing and payment.

7) Toptal

Toptal is unlike any other freelancing sites because it was created for tech professionals seeking senior-level software engineers. Very selective in their vetting process, Toptal has had clients such as AirBnb and J.P. Morgan.


Fit for the small business owner, you can post a project and allow hundreds of workers to apply for the position. If you have the time to sort through the applications, Freelancer gives you a ton of options for reliable work.

9) is unique in that it is an open software that allows you to hire employees on other freelancing sites and still use its billing and time tracking services. If you are looking for full-time or long-term engagements, is for you. Head to Guru or Upwork for short-term projects.