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The New Task Tracker is Now Live

Resource Planning

At Mavenlink, our customers guide the future of the product. We've heard a lot of feedback from customers about the old project task tracker and have worked hard to upgrade the experience. It was created before many of the powerful capabilities that Mavenlink customers use today were built, such as Gantt and subtasks. As our customers' usage grew, we found a need for a more streamlined experience that can handle large numbers of tasks.

The new Task Tracker marries the advanced capabilities of Mavenlink with an interface that's built to be more intuitive and efficient. This update includes the following performance enhancements and improvements:

  • Thanks to the feedback from our customers, with the Upcoming Tasks list you now have the ability to see your activity feed and tasks all on one page. You can also quickly update the status, resource allocation or view files for those tasks.
  • You no longer have to remember click 'save' when making changes to your tasks -- everything is saved automatically.
  • In the Global Task Tracker, clicking on a task name allows you to view and edit details. This means that from one view you can see all tasks, across projects, that have been assigned to you. Also, making changes to those tasks, such as updating status or adjusting budget, can now be done without leaving the page.
  • It's now possible to access files, including Google Drive docs, that have been linked to the task and do resource planning across all your projects from the Global Task Tracker.
  • The Task Tracker in the project workspace has contextualized views to accommodate our users' varied use cases -- even in one organization. In addition to a 'general information' view, there is a 'progress' view that's ideal for project managers, a 'finance' view for those with an eye on the bottom line, and a 'resource planning' view.
  • Searching, narrowing by date, and sorting your tasks are all now possible.
  • Gantt charts are much more accessible, thanks to their new position on the tab next to the Task Tracker.

We're constantly improving Mavenlink -- and rest assured there are plenty of fantastic improvements planned for the future. One of the features we'll be focusing on next year is the ability to post and upload files directly to a task, making the existing activity feed much more powerful, as well as allowing comments to be made directly in the context of the Task Tracker. We'll also continue to refine the task tracker navigation and usability in the coming months by reducing the number of clicks needed to get work done.

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment with any additional thoughts you might have - we welcome your feedback! In addition, you can reach our world-class support team at