The Perfect Holiday Checklist for Your December Marketing Campaign

Holiday Checklist

The holiday season is in full effect as we hover somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Businesses are not immune to the holiday stress that seems to spread over most people during the season. Some businesses are frantically preparing for holiday sales, increased demand, and a dramatic increase in revenue. Other companies, on the other hand, struggle to identify the best ways to leverage the holiday season to close deals at the year-end. To ease the pain of planning marketing campaigns during the holidays, use the following holiday checklist to ensure your marketing team is ready and willing to leverage the season for profits.

Holiday Themed Blog or Website

Consider having a holiday themed logo on your website, a holiday page, or a holiday themed blog series to spread the christmas spirit. It takes hardly any time to put a holiday touch that will catch the eyes of your potential customers. Stay politically correct and make sure to be inclusive! Also, don’t jump the gun with this tip, it is kind of like hearing Christmas music in November.

Establish Action Items for December and January

Whether your organization is incredibly busy or on the slow-side during the holidays, it is imperative to share a common goal with your coworkers. If this is a slow time at your business, take the time to work on projects that have been on the backburner for quite a while. Make a list of tasks for your team or organization to accomplish before everyone leaves for vacation. Use this time for philanthropic projects that fell by the wayside, or all-day offsites to enhance company culture. For January, make sure to have a list of items you are ready to expect after the new year. If you want to launch a new product, campaign, or website, make it a priority for the beginning of the year. Use the new year as an inspiration to get started on the projects that sometimes seem like the hardest.

Create A “Best Of” List

Look back at the content that was created over the past year. Did anything perform exceptionally well? If so, curate your best blogs into a list and send it out to your devoted blog visitors. Is anything especially pertinent today that may not have been as relevant when published? If so, revamp and republish the content! Content marketers sometimes forget (myself included) that they don’t need to reinvent the wheel, they simply have to update it every once in awhile.

Local Holiday Guide

Get involved with your community by providing a holiday guide of local events going on during the holiday months! Share food bank locations, places to donate gifts for Christmas, even consider hosting a holiday event and inviting some of the community. Create a calendar of events outlining when to visit Santa, holiday arts and crafts for kids, or tree lighting ceremonies—just to name a few.

Make an End of Year Countdown

For businesses that do not experience heightened sales during the holiday season, come up with a unique countdown that will attract readers to your blog or website. Use the idea of a holiday countdown as a blog series broad enough for your audience. You could countdown the days to the new year, or use the 12 days of Christmas as a theme for a blog. Use these countdown series as a way share the best, worst, or most exciting pieces of content produced by your team this year. It’s an easy way to blend the holidays into your marketing efforts without going overboard.

Send Holiday Cards

The power of a handwritten card will most likely never go unnoticed, and there is no more perfect time than the holidays. Personally send each of your clients a holiday card signed by the entire team on the account. New Year’s is a fantastic time to send them well wishes while thanking them for being an integral part of your business. It takes literally minutes and will leave a lasting impression on your customers.