The Ultimate List of Motivational Podcasts for Your Commute to Work

Motivational Podcasts for Your Commute

On average, each American spends the equivalent of a week at work stuck in traffic every year. Whether your commute is the typical 25-minute journey that most of us experience, or an extreme 90-minute trek through bumper-to-bumper traffic, there’s got to be a better way to use the time we spend each morning behind the wheel.

Wouldn’t you like to turn your commute into a powerful routine that makes you more effective in both your personal and professional life? Well, we’ve got the answer. No matter if you’re a seasoned executive aiming to sharpen your skills, or you’re simply looking for something interesting to fill up your time and expand your mind, this list of the ultimate motivational podcasts is for you.

1) StartUp

What’s it really like starting a business? A former radio producer and award-winning journalist best known for his work on NPR’s This American Life, Alex Blumberg’s intoxicating approach to interviewing and storytelling reveals what it is really like to get a business off the ground. The first season of this well-known podcast documents the ups and downs of its founding and first year of operation at Gimlet Media, where Blumberg serves as CEO. In the second season, he turns a fascinating spotlight on other startups, featuring a new one with every episode.

2) Qigong Meditation

Qigong is the Chinese system of breathing control and physical exercises that form the foundation of Tai Chi. There’s no better place than to start your daily Qigong routine than behind the wheel during your morning commute. Sit back and relax to the soothing tones of the host’s voice as you learn the finer points of relaxation. While it may feel a bit absurd at first, you’ll soon look forward to the drive as you bring yourself to a higher level of inner serenity. Just don’t fall asleep behind the wheel!

3) Radical Personal Finance

Hosted by Joshua Sheats, a certified financial planner, this podcast provides advice that is not only practical, but lives up to the title of the show, on a wide range of personal finance and investment topics. With several episodes each week, Sheats brings together expert guests and timely insights to help you better understand and navigate the complex world of retirement, savings, stocks and bonds, credit and spending. If you are ready to take control of your finances, listen as Sheats breaks down complex topics so you can take action.

4) Money Girl

Each week host Laura Adams, a personal finance expert and award-winning author, dispenses valuable advice on how to get the most out of your hard-earned dollars. She offers tips and tricks to get you out of debt and stay that way, guidance on taxes and deductions, recommendations on the best technology for managing your money, and practical help with investments so you can watch your money grow. And don’t worry because this 10-minute podcast will fit neatly into any morning routine.

5) The 5 AM Miracle

The goal of Jeff Sander, host of The 5 AM Miracle, is to make sure every listener is ready to “bounce out of bed with enthusiasm, create powerful lifelong habits, and tackle your grandest goals with extraordinary energy.” Often ranked as the top podcast on iTunes in the self-help and business categories, it is great for anyone who wants to achieve a more productive workday through small daily habits that lead to big, lifelong results. Sanders covers topics ranging from how to overcome procrastination, dealing with difficult coworkers, and attaining work-life balance.

6) Entrepreneur on Fire

Consistently ranked as one of iTunes’ top business podcasts, EoFire is hosted by John Lee Dumas who manages to score interview after interview with big-name stalwarts such as Gary Vaynerchuck and Seth Godin. Running the gamut from inspirational to humorous, EoFire will have you coming back for more each morning as you learn about the strategies that worked for these entrepreneurs, as well as their worst business moments and how they overcame them. It’s the kind of revealing banter that makes listeners want to take notes.

7) The Random Show

A rollicking collaboration between Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose, The Random Show cannot be classified as ‘enterprising' in the strictest sense of the word. While it covers a lot of business and management concepts, but also provides a window into the minds of two of America’s most successful businessmen as they share their thoughts on what truly makes the world of entrepreneurship tick. Funny and irreverent yet serious and full of real-life tips, this podcast deserves a place in your morning routine.

8) This Week in Tech (TWiT)

Host Leo Laporte delivers a daily dose of current events in technology accompanied by commentary and discussion that puts it all in context. Each episode showcases a panel of provocateurs and experts who explain how the Silicon Valley affects not only geeks and technologists, but seeps into the lives of everyone with interesting and often controversial views that peel back the layers one at a time.

9) Call to Action

Based on a ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) project, this podcast has become a go-to resource for understanding and unraveling the marketing mix. Leading authors and bloggers share remarkable success stories and actionable lessons to help you unleash the untapped potential of your own marketing campaigns. With topics ranging from conversion rate optimization, pay per click, social media marketing, content marketing, A/B testing and … well, you name it! … you can always expect to learn something valuable.

10) Rocketship

Presented by Michael Sacca, Joelle Goldman, and Matt Goldman, this podcast provides exclusive insights and advice on how to grow your business. With a growing archive of more than 200 episodes on topics ranging from product development, marketing, sales, hiring and company culture, Rocketship is chockablock full of compelling ideas on how to chart a course for success that will launch your business into the stratosphere -- and make you a happier businessman in the process.

Remember, these podcasts don’t require a large investment of time, but the new ideas and provoking conversations will certainly have you hooked. Make the most of your morning commute with these incredible resources and in no time you’ll be a devoted listener.