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The Unified Data Model and Its Superpowers in Resource Management


A goal for many professional services firms is to make decisions and execute processes based on dependable insights. But knowing where to begin isn’t always obvious?

Creating and utilizing a Unified Data Model is the essential first step. Imagine leveraging all of your data platforms and systems to support and drive the company forward.

Mavenlink and Enterprise Times have partnered to break down the tenets of a Unified Data Model and its implementation into a company with a new whitepaper, “The Importance of a Unified Data Model in Resource Management.”

Learn key considerations to make before creating a unified data model, the challenges you might face when creating unified data, the 10 steps toward a unified data model, how to finalize your ideal solution, and much more.

With a Unified Data Model in place, professional services firms can operate more effectively and efficiently, optimize resource management capabilities and find new levels of success.

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