Thriving in the Service Level Economy

Thriving-in-the-service-level-economy-blog-image.pngThis article is excerpted from the exclusive Mavenlink ebook, Thriving in a Service Level Economy.

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The Service Level Economy is forcing change, and a new basis of competition has formed as a result. We have reached the moment when incumbents must evolve to survive or risk losing business to more nimble firms with innovative business models.

The firm of the Service Level Economy thrives by adopting a new set of core values:

  • Transparency

    Service providers need to be relentless in the pursuit of real-time data surrounding their business, leading to deeper operational insights.
  • Performance

    With increased visibility and control, providers must find new opportunities to improve efficiency, performance, and financials.
  • Scalability

    Providers must enable granular management of resources and skills so they can scale up and down at a moment’s notice.
  • Accountability

    To satisfy high client expectations, service providers need to offer increased accountability by sharing real-time progress on goals and deadlines.
  • Trust

    All of these combined lead to trust, the most critical element fueling long-standing relationships.

Service providers today need new models and strategies. They need new underlying systems that facilitate every aspect of their business. Tools aren’t enough. Service providers need a new philosophy.

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Get My Copy Thriving in the Service Level Economy