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Top 10 Medium Channels to Join for Business Ideas


So you’re an enterprising entrepreneur? No matter how well prepared you are, you’ve certainly come to realize that it’s harder than you ever thought it would be to run a business. But don’t despair! There are a lot of people out there who can help you, and one of the best places to learn from them is Medium.

What’s Medium?

Founded by Twitter co-founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone, Medium is a go-to source for thoughtful and thought-provoking reading in a world that is saturated by shallow content. Think of it as a place that percolates ideas and pushes them up amid a sea of words.

The only problem with Medium, especially for busy professionals, is that falling into it is like falling into the sea itself. Hours after you’ve taken the dive, you realize that plumbing its depths for impactful ideas can really take time. That’s what inspired us to create this list of the top ten Medium channels to join for business ideas.


1. The Mission. This one is devoted to accelerated learning and, in the words of its founder, “the science and technologies that help life thrive and ensure it is free to evolve.” That doesn’t sound much like a place to learn about business, but in fact The Mission has a lot to offer. Want to learn how to hack your brain to be more productive? How about how to cultivate mental toughness? Check out The Mission.


2. WTF? What’s the Future of Work? The name says it all. Work, business and society face massive challenges driven by advancements in technology that affect how business itself is conducted. With conversations growing out of the Next: Economy Summit, Tim O’Reilly explores topics that range from fostering growth and revenue, to the gig economy, and how to use technology not to replace workers but to augment them.


3. The Ready. It’s easy to become frustrated by things like the deluge of email and meetings that distract you and your team from actually getting things done, and the way we work is often as important as the work itself. The Ready tells you how to do things like design meetings that produce results, eradicate organizational debt, and develop skills in the people around you.


4. 42Hire. Don’t panic, just hire! That’s the slogan for the experts at 42Hire, and there’s a reason why it has the most-shared recruitment and hiring content on Medium. Hiring the right people every time is not impossible. Here you can learn strategies to attract and retain the best talent with knockout articles that will make you better at the game, one hire at a time.


5. Fortune Insiders. Seinfeld once said, “if you’ve got talent, it’s unmistakable.” (Yes, that Seinfeld.) Well, that may as well be the tagline of Fortune Insiders. Some of the sharpest minds in business have converged here to share their insights into business strategies every entrepreneur can learn from. You’ll discover the biggest reasons why companies succeed, and also why they fail.

6. Signal vs. Noise. Learning a lesson is not the same as knowing a lesson. Getting real with difficult problems in the workplace starts with focusing on the right things, and Signal vs. Noise provides some great information on how to identify your blind spots, avoid choking under pressure, and build a culture of success so you can love what you do.


7. ReadThink. Brought to you by the brilliant folks at HubSpot, ReadThink is one of our favorites. With intellect and stories from the business world and beyond, it is the perfect companion to your morning cup of coffee. For serious business pros, it provides you with information about pretty much everything you need to know about anything important.


8. Tradecraft. Understanding the true value of technology in doing your job is made much easier by Tradecraft. Stories abound here on topics of particular interest to startups, but really for anyone looking to gain a competitive edge in sales, technology and design. You don’t have to be a Silicon Valley digerati to apply the tactics and strategies that have made the tech world so dynamic.


9. Better Humans. Billed as a place of “intelligent ideas for upgrading yourself,” Better Humans is all about, well, better humans. Business advice is combined with a dose of healthy living tips to not only help you get really good at what you do, but improve wellbeing in the workplace so that you can make yourself smarter, happier and more productive. And who wouldn’t like to be a better human, anyway?


10. All Things Marketing & Entrepreneurship. Digital marketing has become a fundamental part of business success. But understanding it all can be a bit bewildering: social media marketing, online advertising, search engine optimization, and growth hacking. What? Don’t worry. Think of this one as the ultimate cheat sheet for raising your online marketing IQ.

And finally, Mavenlink also has a Medium channel where we share thoughts about business growth, performance and scalability. Add it to your list, and join the conversation.