Is this the New Model for Services Organizations?

A leader of one of the world’s largest agency conglomerates, one that includes Leo Burnett, Saatchi and Saatchi, Razorfish, and Sapient, recently made news with a bold statement.

10 Most Shared Articles for Project Managers

Your day is spent managing budgets, people, and time. That can make staying up to date on the latest and greatest project management articles a challenge. Where do you fit reading time into your day?

Impact of Brexit on Work Today

The votes are in! The United Kingdom has officially decided to leave the European Union. Mavenlink CEO Ray Grainger shares the impact "Brexit" has on the future of work. 

Launch New Offers Profitably | Mavenlink Checklist

New offers get the innovative juices flowing amongst services teams. But, they can also create a lot of stress on your business model — it’s hard to be innovative and profitable. Not to mention that with the pace of change in professional services today, many PSOs are feeling the need to accelerate time to market for new PS offers to capitalize on industry trends.

Changing Oil Prices and What They Mean for Our SaaS Company

You’ve probably been watching the price of oil drop. In turn, you’ve watched the health of the stock market reflect these fluctuations as investors worry about the state of the economy.   

Getting People to Actually Track Time | Mavenlink Tips

For many people, a new year means a new you. Use this January's new year timing as to set the stage  all year for better time tracking. 

Three Key Ways Technology is Changing Finances and Accounting Forever (in 2016)

The new year is upon us. Technology is everywhere. Integrations are plentiful. APIs are a must. Big Data is common. Dashboards let everyone from executives to project executors act on critical intelligence. 

So what does this mean for professionals managing the bottom line?  

Six Business Trends in 2016 Executives Must Acknowledge and Understand

The way businesses get work done in the new year is changing. Strong client relationships and valuable service offerings are still at the heart of successful organizations. Yet the best of the best organizations and individuals remain those who adopt change early.  There are six key business trends in 2016 that will affect every industry profoundly.  Here they are. 

Mavenlink Shortlisted for 2015-16 Cloud Awards' "Best in SaaS" (US)

Irvine, California – 17 December 2015 – Mavenlink has made the shortlist in the 2015-2016 Cloud Awards Program category “Best SaaS.”The cloud computing awards program awards excellence and innovation in cloud computing to entries from across the globe, including the US, Canada, Australasia and EMEA. 

5 Things Our Customers Say About Mavenlink

The resource planning (what is resource planning?) and project management software you choose to be a part of your daily work life is a big decision. It also has big implications; the right platform will help you to grow, and manage that growth efficently. We understand you need to do your homework and we want to help.

Forbes: How Intuit Is Creating An Ecosystem That Will Help Small Business Compete

"Nobody goes into business to shuffle papers, but go to just about any small business and you’ll notice a small desk somewhere piled high with forms and notes. [...] Yet these chores as well can now be automated cheaply and easily. [...] Mavenlink goes even further by offering a project management system that lets you prepare estimates, track tasks, manage budgets and even send invoices."

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Mavenlink and ViWo Launch Apps Domain Pros, Improve Google Apps Implementation

"Today, Mavenlink, an online work platform and ViWo, a cloud solutions provider have combined assets and expertise to offer their applications through Apps Domain Pros. The partnership project aims to change the collaborative environment for both Google Apps Resellers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) by offering Google Apps users a new, seamless implementation and adoption experience as well as pricing discounts."

How to Choose the Right Software Vendor

"Before committing to a new software solution, be sure to kick the tires. Most SaaS companies offer a free trial to test features, benefits and usability. Then, during the trial, make sure the software contains the features you need, as well as the functionality. And don't be afraid to ask the vendor questions. You'll want to make sure it's a perfect fit for your company over the long haul..."

Enterprises to Show CRM the Money

"In short, companies are turning their energies toward forward-looking activities. They are done re-engineering the back office and are now looking to the front office to find and engage customers," Ray Grainger, founder and CEO of Mavenlink, told CRM Buyer. "CRM is now expanding to encompass a whole host of lead-generation and client engagement activities," he continued. "For example, new ways to find customers through social channels and digital marketing require a host of new skill-sets,...

Mavenlink Rounding Out Its Wares for Businesses of All Sizes

"Mavenlink introduced its work management solution in 2010 in response to a rapidly changing global economy and trends in the workforce, where more and more companies must manage a diverse and widely distributed network of employees, partners, and business processes. Mavenlink provides a broad cloud-based business management platform for service providers to conduct business with their clients, especially marketing agencies, IT service providers, architecture, engineering, and construction...