Three Key Ways Technology is Changing Finances and Accounting Forever (in 2016)

The new year is upon us. Technology is everywhere. Integrations are plentiful. APIs are a must. Big Data is common. Dashboards let everyone from executives to project executors act on critical intelligence. 

So what does this mean for professionals managing the bottom line?  

Mavenlink + Salesforce: Enabling The Platform of the Future

Close your eyes and visualize the connection points between your systems for project management, project accounting and resource planning. Now add in your CRM and accounting systems. What does it look like?

Six Simple Swaps that Boost Employee Productivity and Improve Your Service

In today's economy, the cost of producing goods is rapidly declining. At the same time, the services-oriented market is booming. The services industry has grown by more than 65 percent in the past 50 years. 

In this services-oriented future, your people are your product.  That's why it's important to ensure you hire, and retain, positive teams with great service.  They are key to productivity.

Six Companies Boosting Profit Margin in 2015 and How

Your services business lives and dies by its profit margins. Business professionals say all the time, “We have more sales than ever.  My company is growing.  But I’m not making money.  I don’t get it.”

Got Issues? Track Them with Mavenlink Issue Tracking

While we wish every project could go off without a hitch, we are also big believers in pragmatism. Every project is going to run into a few roadblocks, like bugs, client changes, or tickets — all of which can impact scope and timeline.

Manage Resource Utilization with Mavenlink’s Enhanced Utilization Report

Good utilization is the hallmark of a well-run agency or professional services team. When your team is consistently busy delivering work (and not so busy that they burn out), you can hire reliably and invest in your business.

What’s New: Multiple Rate Cards for Streamlined Project Management and Billing

Rate Cards are a powerful way to standardize project pricing and improve the efficiency of your team’s billable projects. Since we first launched this feature last year, we’ve been listening to feedback from Rate Card power users. Today, we are excited to share with you some new enhancements that make Rate Cards even more versatile.

Set for Success: New Project Settings in Mavenlink

In an effort to make the settings area for your Mavenlink projects more intuitive and even easier to get to, we’ve made a few recent improvements. Most notably? We’ve moved the gear icon to access your settings to a position that is more noticeable: right next to your project’s name.

Make Mavenlink Yours with Custom Branding

Did you know the Mavenlink experience can be customized to your brand? Custom branding allows the Mavenlink interface to feel like an extension of your business. When your team members and clients collaborate inside the application, they’ll feel like they are using your application — not ours.

Custom branding allows you to:

  • Prominently display your brand’s logo in the top left-hand corner of the navigation bar
  • Change the color scheme of the Mavenlink interface to match your brand
  • Add custom...

Organize Client Notes and Info with Client Contact Management

Your Mavenlink projects are home to so much information: your team, their hours, project tasks, shared files, etc. All that information means that good organization is a must for running your projects in Mavenlink, which is why we built Project Groups.

Tailor Mavenlink for Your Business with More Powerful Custom Fields

One size does not fit all. While we try and think of everything our customers may need and build it into our software, we understand that there are certain unique aspects every business must account for.

New Project Templates for a New Year

We’re happy to announce that the new Project Templates are now available to Mavenlink Premier, Professional, and Teams customers.

Our new Project Templates will help your team automate those project details that led to past success. Templates include new project details, such as a description, project duration, project budget, and currency. You can also see a Gantt Chart view of your template and set dependency relationships between your tasks. Newer features like Checklists and Milestone...

Time & Expense Approvals Are Almost Here

Our Premier customers will soon be able to submit time and expenses for review, helping ensure that only approved line items make their way onto a client invoice. Maybe you’ve been in this situation before: at the end of a job, you send the final bill to your client and get an urgent call from them. They’re shocked by the total and want a detailed explanation. With this upcoming feature, we’re bringing peace of mind to the whole invoicing process by giving you an early checkpoint for your...

See How You Can Use Mavenlink’s Tasks to Keep Conversations Organized

Our Product and Development Team has a culture of perfecting, meaning we’re continuously improving features, even after they’re shipped. Tasks have been around on Mavenlink for a long time, but now they’re more powerful than ever. In addition to the new checklist feature, you can also interact with your team directly on a task.

See how your teams can benefit from this functionality

The New Mavenlink Academy Knowledge Base: Your Guide for Mavenlink

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Mavenlink Academy Knowledge Base, our new educational resource center. Think of the Knowledge Base as your personal guide to Mavenlink, complete with product information, live support, and resources.

Now, when you access the Support area in Mavenlink, you will be able to view an ever-expanding database of product information, user guides, tutorial videos and more.