Set for Success: New Project Settings in Mavenlink

In an effort to make the settings area for your Mavenlink projects more intuitive and even easier to get to, we’ve made a few recent improvements. Most notably? We’ve moved the gear icon to access your settings to a position that is more noticeable: right next to your project’s name.

Make Mavenlink Yours with Custom Branding

Did you know the Mavenlink experience can be customized to your brand? Custom branding allows the Mavenlink interface to feel like an extension of your business. When your team members and clients collaborate inside the application, they’ll feel like they are using your application — not ours.

Custom branding allows you to:

  • Prominently display your brand’s logo in the top left-hand corner of the navigation bar
  • Change the color scheme of the Mavenlink interface to match your brand
  • Add custom...

Organize Client Notes and Info with Client Contact Management

Your Mavenlink projects are home to so much information: your team, their hours, project tasks, shared files, etc. All that information means that good organization is a must for running your projects in Mavenlink, which is why we built Project Groups.

Tailor Mavenlink for Your Business with More Powerful Custom Fields

One size does not fit all. While we try and think of everything our customers may need and build it into our software, we understand that there are certain unique aspects every business must account for.

New Project Templates for a New Year

We’re happy to announce that the new Project Templates are now available to Mavenlink Premier, Professional, and Teams customers.

Our new Project Templates will help your team automate those project details that led to past success. Templates include new project details, such as a description, project duration, project budget, and currency. You can also see a Gantt Chart view of your template and set dependency relationships between your tasks. Newer features like Checklists and Milestone...

Time & Expense Approvals Are Almost Here

Our Premier customers will soon be able to submit time and expenses for review, helping ensure that only approved line items make their way onto a client invoice. Maybe you’ve been in this situation before: at the end of a job, you send the final bill to your client and get an urgent call from them. They’re shocked by the total and want a detailed explanation. With this upcoming feature, we’re bringing peace of mind to the whole invoicing process by giving you an early checkpoint for your...

See How You Can Use Mavenlink’s Tasks to Keep Conversations Organized

Our Product and Development Team has a culture of perfecting, meaning we’re continuously improving features, even after they’re shipped. Tasks have been around on Mavenlink for a long time, but now they’re more powerful than ever. In addition to the new checklist feature, you can also interact with your team directly on a task.

See how your teams can benefit from this functionality

The New Mavenlink Academy Knowledge Base: Your Guide for Exploring Mavenlink

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Mavenlink Academy Knowledge Base, our new educational resource center. Think of the Knowledge Base as your personal guide to Mavenlink, complete with product information, live support, and resources.

Now, when you access the Support area in Mavenlink, you will be able to view an ever-expanding database of product information, user guides, tutorial videos and more.

Evaluate the success of your project with Gantt Chart Baselines

Mavenlink’s new Gantt Chart Baseline tool enables you to take a snapshot of an initial baseline as well as additional snapshots of your project's progress. This can help you to visualize the difference between your projections and the reality of your project’s progress.

Plan Resources Across Projects with Mavenlink's New Master Planning Feature

To develop Master Planning, we worked closely with customers in the IT, Development, and Marketing industries. As a result, Master Planning plays nicely with the task-level resource allocation tool you may already use. Bottom-up planning, found at the task level, bubbles up the Project Manager’s allocations to this new global view. From Master Planning, admins have visibility into how their plan translated into the resource’s actual schedule.

Here’s how you can get started using Master...

Mavenlink Now Supports Fixed Fee Billing: Invoice Clients for Flat-Rate Projects, Time and Materials Projects, or Both

Service businesses rejoice: Mavenlink now supports Fixed Fee billing and invoicing! This feature is available to all Mavenlink Premier users on both new and existing projects. In the past, Mavenlink users could track project costs on a “Time and Materials” (T&M) basis. (What's the difference between T&M and fixed-fee? Check the only 25-word project-management glossary you'll ever need to know.) Fixed fee items could only be billed as additional items. Starting now, Mavenlink gives you the...

New Mavenlink Resource Shaping Tool Makes Resource Planning Fast and Easy

Resource Planning just got easier with Mavenlink’s new Resource Shaping Tool. Found under Planning on the Task Detail’s section, this functionality makes it easy to define a resource’s workweek and apply hours automatically.

New! Create Open Projects On Mavenlink

With the new Project Access feature, project creators can now set projects to be "open to all members on your account," "open only to admins," or "accessible by invitation only."

Give Your “To-Do” List a New Home: the Mavenlink Task Tracker

Creating and managing your daily “To-Do” list is an ever-present activity common to businesses of all sizes, regardless of industry. According to a recent study by the Harvard Business Review, workers reported spending as much as 41 percent of their time on discretionary activities that could be managed more efficiently by other means.

Mavenlink takes studies like these to heart – and it fuels much of our innovation. Today, we’re pleased to say our improved Task Tracker feature provides...

The New Task Tracker is Now Live

At Mavenlink, our customers guide the future of the product. We've heard a lot of feedback from customers about the old project task tracker and have worked hard to upgrade the experience. It was created before many of the powerful capabilities that Mavenlink customers use today were built, such as Gantt and subtasks. As our customers' usage grew, we found a need for a more streamlined experience that can handle large numbers of tasks.

The new Task Tracker marries the advanced capabilities...