What’s New at Mavenlink: Custom Fields, File Tab, and Task Checklists

One of our core goals at Mavenlink is improving the way you collaborate with your team on projects by providing simple, but powerful organizational tools. Many of our recent features do just that. Our new Custom Fields feature makes it easy for you to standardize project information. The new project File Tab lets you quickly and easily access your documents and Google Drive files from a specific project. And last but not least, our Task Checklists feature makes it effortless to provide more detailed requirements for a task.

Custom Fields

With our Custom Fields feature, you can now provide more information to your team, such as project code or department address. Mavenlink Premier Service Providers will now be able to set custom fields for their account and apply them to projects. Only account admins can create, edit and delete the custom field via the Custom Fields section under the Account Settings area. However, any user on the account who can access project settings can fill out the fields for their projects.

File Tab

In the File Tab, you can see uploaded files and Google Drive docs. You can preview supported file types, download or view a file in Google Drive or go to the linked task to offer your feedback about the file. Search functionality makes it simple to quickly find a file you’re looking for. The File Tab is available for all users and can be accessed in any project workspace.

Task Checklists

Ever need to add more detailed instructions to a specific task? Our new Task Checklists feature makes it easy to jot down what is necessary for a task to get completed. This feature can be found within the Task Details view.

We welcome your comments! If you have any questions or feedback about these new features, check out our Mavenlink Academy Knowledge Base or contact us at support@mavenlink.com.