Why Did You Start Your Business? Week of February 17th

"I think I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurial adventures. Back in 2009, I founded Mavenlink along with Roger Neel and Sean Crafts, both of whom worked with me at InQuira, with the goal of creating a smarter workplace. After 20 years as a consultant at Accenture, I had a great understanding of the major workforce and technology trends occurring in business. More companies were forming collaborative networks of specialized providers in order to be more agile and flexible with their businesses. Workforce collaboration tools were limited in their ability to address both the entire internal and external workforces. Managing an external workforce creates many challenges that are made even more complex when those relationships are also managed in an online environment. The solution required from our technology was far more expansive and complex that we ever anticipated. After months of development and iteration, the Mavenlink platform launched in beta in 2009. Six months later, Mavenlink had its first general product release in January of 2010. In less than 3 years, more than 300,000 businesses go to Mavenlink to work. We’re adding new features every week, often at the request of our users, to create a singular online collaboration tool for the today’s new, hybrid workforce."

-Why Did You Start Your Business? Week of February 17th