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Why Hire an Expert?

Why is it important for business owners and entrepreneurs to hire experts to handle the things that they either don’t have time for or don’t understand?

  • To accelerate the time it takes to transform your vision into reality
  • Because applied knowledge is power – many people think knowledge is power but only when you do something with that knowledge does it have power. How many times have you seen a product in a store or advertised on TV or the radio and said – I thought of that 2 years ago – but you didn’t act on your ideas – who is earning $ for the sales?
  • Implement your ideas before your competitors
  • When you have an idea and don’t act on it – it is up for grabs for someone else to take that idea and implement it.
  • Leverage experts’ education, experience and contacts
  • Saves you time – experts have 10,000 hours invested in their expertise
  • Saves you money – experts continually invest in educating themselves
  • The BIG reason most people don’t consider is – hiring an expert saves your reputation – experts try many ways to accomplish their goals, they experience many failures in the process so you can save your reputation by learning from their mistakes and successes!

It seems like more and more self-proclaimed experts are popping up every day on the web. What should you be looking for in an expert? Here are “do’s and “don’ts” when hiring an expert:


1. Review their history

2. Testimonials from previous clients

3. Client list – what industry – could they do something similar in your industry? Many people only look for people in their industry which leads to doing what everyone else in your industry is doing – consider someone who worked in a different industry with techniques your industry hasn’t tried

4. Education – do they stay current in their area of expertise?

5. Organizations they belong to and their roles in those organizations – do they take leadership roles or admin roles, how involved are they? Are they over extended?

6. Articles they wrote

7. Listen to their Podcasts

8. Watch their videos

9. Read /listen to books they wrote

10. Their frequently asked questions

11. Photo gallery – who do they know?

12. Attend their events (Webinars, tele seminars, live events, online group coaching sessions, live events, online group coaching sessions)

13. Do they collaborate with other experts - create solutions

14. Interact with the expert before hiring them

  • Engage with them via their blogs
  • Converse on an online forum
  • Phone conversation
  • Skype video call
  • Face to face interview
  • Check their references
  • Interview candidate – explain what you want to accomplish, give a dead line and ask them to explain to you what they understand your needs to be
  • Create a letter of intent or ask for a written proposal
  • Payments in increments – when accomplish milestones
  • Engage and review regularly – 30 days, 90 days, etc. depending on project


1. Hire your brother-in-law

2. Many people tell others their idea and they say great – I’ll help you – well if you both don’t have any experience it will take a long time to implement

3. Get discouraged

4. When you tell others your ideas many small thinkers will laugh at you and tell you that you are crazy – many people give up before they get started

5. Ever give up – remember it’s not how many ideas you start to implement – it is how many you finish that count!

I hear you, checking references, attending webinars, and more to try and learn a bit more before hiring an expert is time consuming. I understanding that time is money. Here is a shortcut in doing all this research:

That is why LinktoEXPERT was created to secure experts in minutes, a process that traditionally took months. Visit search for the type of expert you are looking for, you will be presented with qualified experts, simply review all this type of information on each expert’s website within our portal and hire them in minutes!

You can’t always be an expert, you can’t always know an expert but you can always hire an expert.

Joanne Weiland

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